Why Choose Macro WMS?

We understand that choosing which WMS is best for your cold store is a mission critical decision, and will do all we can to assist in your decision process.

Our experienced consultants are ready to assess your unique requirements and highlight key considerations to bear in mind. Get in touch today to get the conversation started.

Excellent Value

Rand for rand, South Africa’s best value Cold Storage WMS option.

Features You Need

We understand local market needs, and have evolved our platform accordingly.

Responsive Support

Our team is always on hand to support our customers.

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    Our Mission

    To bring digital transformation to South Africa’s Cold Storage industry.

    Our Vision

    To be South Africa’s foremost Cold Storage Warehouse Management System.

    What makes Macro different

    Built with the local market in mind, MacroWMS boasts a feature set and engagement model you’ll find compelling.

    Whether your facility is a bond, in-house or 3rd party cold store – or a combination thereof – MacroWMS has you covered..

    Streamline your operations by running multiple cold stores on one WMS system.

    Our licensing structure provides accessibility to smaller Cold Store operators, whilst not being unduly onerous to larger operators.

    MacroWMS has the ability for users to input random weights as necessary, which has proven to be a valuable feature for many local operators.

    Let's Get You The Best Advice

    After 20 years in the Cold Storage business, we understand the complexity of choosing a Warehouse Management System. Let us help you navigate your decision journey.